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lucio e hijos

Casa Lucio remains in the location trat once was home to the hundred-year old Mesón El Segoviano, a magnificent restaurant where Lucio Blázquez began to work at the age of 12.

Maria del Carmen, Fernando and Javier, the children of Lucio, accompany his father in the restaurant everyday. They also guarantee that Casa Lucio and its renowned cuisine still have much to say in the gastronomic scene in Madrid.


The cooking of Casa Lucio has solid foundations: the great quality of the ingredients. On this basis, the team prepares traditional cuisine for it to remain in the lives of people. From starters to dessert, each dish is synonyms of quality and tradition.


Casa Lucio's history is full of moments worth remembering. Countless friends, almost family, who have accompanied Lucio and his family throughout this gastronomic adventure.

Lucio e hijos